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DooxSwitch Коммутатор 5 класса Мануал на Русском

Данный раздел покрывает основную часть функционала с биллингом и марштуртизацией


DooxSwitch Class 5 Softswitch Manual English

This section covers main functionality of DooxSwitch with Billing and Routing

DooxSwitch Reseller API manual

DooxSwitch Mobile API manual

DooxSwitch Training

install text-to-speech google

G723/G729 Codec installation

Setting up https secure connection

Asterisk High availablity

GeoIP Iptables

MySQL Replication

Asterisk Load balancing and High Availability with Kamailio (OpenSER)


Yii theme

Yii Security

Fail2ban SSH


Asterisk Hangup Cause

Why Is Yii Framework Getting Great Popularity?

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