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Rates of technical services

Migration 200 $ Complete process is done by DooxSwitch engineers
Heartbeat / Virtual IP configuration 300 $ Complete process is done by DooxSwitch engineers
SIP proxy installation / configuration 1000 $ Complete process is done by DooxSwitch engineers
Web RTC installation / configuration 1500 $ Complete process is done by DooxSwitch engineers
MySQL Replication 300 $ Complete process is done by DooxSwitch engineers
Hourly rate support 100 $/h This support is provided if client does not have any service plan
Personal training 100 $/h Training is done online by Skype
Remote  installation 100 $ Remote installation is paid.
License re-installation - This task is done free of charge in case license was lost due to the hardware failure or server crash
Backup 100$ * we provide free backup with hosted versions.
BUG fixing - BUG fixing is free

What is included into Standard/Premium support

  • Helping to solve problems
  • Activation of the license after server crash (core upgrade, core recompile)
  • Activation of the license after migration to new server (core upgrade, core recompile). Data migration not included
  • MySQL replication re-build.


What is NOT included into Standard/Premium/Dedicated support

  • Testing customers settings - we only explain how to do that yourself (TeamViewer and other methods of screen sharing are not used).
  • Custom development - no additional functionality programming is included. It can be ordered separately.
  • Server migration (migration of data and license)
  • Additional server configuration
  • MySQL Replication configuration
  • Redundancy configuration
  • Personal Training (Online Group Training is included)
  • Custom iptables, firewall configurations
  • Server re-installation
  • Linux (CentOS) support
  • Custom database modifications AND DB/data restoration after broken DB integrity because of manual interference into DB
  • Custom Asterisk modifications
  • Backup


FULL SERVICE - Dedicated

Dedicated for companies who want to transfer DooxSwitch configuration (adding providers, uploading rates, creating clients, etc), system monitoring and all VoIP related problems to DooxSwitch support team. It is same as to hire full-time employee to work with DooxSwitch and VoIP issues. Furthermore, differently from hiring employee, DooxSwitch does not require training and we will make sure your tasks are done in the highest priority. 


  • Custom development - no additional functionality programming is included. It can be ordered separately
  • Iptables, firewall configuration
  • Configuration of third party software/hardware (sotphones, IP phones, dialers, PBXes, gateways, etc)
  • Enterprise support plan does not include periodic hand-made reports or documenting configurations/features additionally.
  • Purchasing DIDs, making agreements with other service providers and other tasks which include any monetary activities.
    • After purchase is done by the Client,DooxSwitch engineers are able to configure DID (in the DooxSwitch and in the DID Provider configuration panel) or Provider connection (in the DooxSwitch)

Jobs NOT done by DooxSwitch

  • SNMP service configuration
  • TDM/PSTN card installation/configuration
  • Zaptel/DAHDI installation/ configuration
  • VPN configuration
  • Iptables, firewall, network configuration
  • Partitions and storage devices management
    • Too risky not knowing whole network configuration - one small mistake makes server unreachable. This task should be done by local technician with physical access to the server.
  • Dealing with 3rd party providers.

Whats included in remote installation:

for remote installation DooxSwitch specialists require a full ssh access with selinux and iptables disabled , internet speed should be sufficient for performing installation.

  • Server audit and benchmark: CPU, HDD , RAM and Internet speed check
  • Unix update
  • LAMP installation :Apache 2 , PHP 5.5, MySQL installation, Ioncube, Sendmail , Postfix
  • Softswitch installation from the source ( Asterisk 1.8.x ,10,x, 11.x, DAHDI, MPEG, SOX, Lame, MP3, g723, g729 codecs )
  • Optionally: Sipml5, Websocket, STUN/ICE server [ Due to complexity of installation and configuration process , WebRTC is not part of trial installation ]
  • DooxSwitch installation ( software installation , Yii framework )
  • Inbound and outbound calling testing
  • Basic Security setup ( basic Iptables, GeoIP firewall , Fail2ban installation, ssh-key, ports )
  • Security testing ( GeoIP firewall, Fail2ban, ssh-key, ports )

  • Additional configuration

  • DID mapping
  • Trunk configuration
  • Rates and LCR setup
  • note: the whole process including testing requires 7 working days