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System Requirements

  • make sure that all php modules are installed
  • make sure that correct permissions are set
  • click "next" when all flashing green
  • check this section for permission and php modules installations
  • ! important the DooxSwitch GUI is encoded with ionCube , you need ioncube loader module for PHP please check this link to get the right ioncube loader for your PHP version


Database setting

  • enter the database server
  • enter database name
  • enter database user
  • enter database password
  • if you are deploying DooxSwitch VMware Image the database is already created the database name is dooxswitch , username is root and password is d00x@p4ss ; you can change details later on.
  • click "next "


License setting


Create Admin

  • enter login , email and password for admin
  • click next


Sign in to Admin

  • enter login and password for admin
  • click next


installing modules

  • under the base content please click on the Managing modules - Modules section


Managing modules

  • in this section you can view current modules installed and install new
  • to install module click on the grey icon on the right action section
  • to remove module click on the right cross
  • when doing fresh install please install in this sequence 1) Billing 2) VoIP


Installing Billing

  • during billing module installation please select base currency