DooxSwitch High Availability and Redundancy

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This page shows some ways how DooxSwitch billing system can be used. Examples are from real implementations.

Basic implementation

One server.png Basic implementation is a one server setup with Switch , GUI and DB running on one server ideal for startups and small - medium type telco companies.

Redundancy between two data centers

There's always a risk that data center in which you keep your servers can be down for various reasons. To reduce such risk you can consider implementing redundancy between two data centers that are located in different countries or continents. However, such implementation can work only if both data centers can meet requirements which are described here (see Redundant servers). The most common problem is that different data centers cannot ensure such requirements for Virtual IP.

Two server


  • Minimal structure for full-redundancy

this implementation is setup in two data centers where Asterisk , GUI and DB run on one virtual / dedicated server their full replication is located in another remote data ceter and they share a Virtual IP The MySQL databases are replicated in realtime

3 server implementation

  • Scalable and high performance implementation with no redundancy

1 proxy scheme.png

this implementation shows scenario where SIP balancer / proxy is used for High performance and scalability , the number of Asterisk / DB can be multiple , this basic scheme shows two implementations of DooxSwitch with GUI and DB in one data ceter and their replicated versions in another remote data center

4 and more server implementation

  • Stable and redundant solution for high performance with full redundancy

2 proxy.png

this is the most used and recommended implementation for Hight Availability and full redundancy , both DooxSwitch and DB with SIP balancers are located in two remote data centers so